Intermediate Evening City Skate

πŸ•―πŸ”¦πŸ“šBack to the Library - Sports Centre - Eddington route, but do make sure you bring some lights as it is now dark soon!

Fancy wheels, torches, candles, oil lamps, bioluminescent algae πŸͺ”. Anything that makes YOU visible and makes you see what's in front of you πŸ‘€

The usual info:

πŸ™ Want to do a city skate, but feel that the advanced city skates are a bit intimidating beyond your current skill level?

β›…Weather permitting, Faried will lead a casual city skate route with straight and not crowded paths. You can work on your skills and confidence without having to worry about crashing into people or tripping on difficult surfaces.


πŸ“š Cambridge Uni Library

β›ΉπŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ Cambridge Uni Sports Centre

πŸ›’ Eddington (Sainsbury's area)

πŸ“š Backtrack to the Library.

..and if it's still nice and warm:

🍻 Drinks in the town centre (Kings College area)