Sack off work day- Adrenaline Alley

A few of us are taking the day off work on the 7th October to skate Adrenaline Alley.

Term time, during the day = No kids to dodge! 😂

Park opens at 12pm and closes at 8.30pm. Plan is to skate until our legs fall off.

If you are free or can get the time off work, why not come join us!

This session will be the inaugural Annual 'Sack Off Work' session which will be held 1st Thursday of October each year 🙂

We have kindly be offered a 25% discount for those that I provide a list of names and membership numbers for.

Call to action:

Please can you PM me your membership number or register on the AA website then provide me with the membership number so I can collate a list of attendees.

Deadline for submitting membership number - 5th of October