Skating Styles
We cater for a variety of skating styles and disciplines,
so whether you're into speed, slalom, aggressive or any other style of skating,
you'll be sure to find others in our group sharing the same passion.
Street Skating
For those who like to take to the urban streets of Cambridge.
Slalom Skating
A highly technical field of skating that involves tricks around equally spaced cones.
Speed Skating
Cambridgeshire has a history of speed skating called Fen Skating. The group contains both speed skaters on ice and ground.
Aggressive Skating
If flat or antirockered skates are your thing and prefer the skatepark, we have a large community of over 20 aggressive skaters that meet up in skateparks all over East Anglia.
Inline Hockey
Clappers? Snipes? Wristy's and cellys when you get the biscuit in top corns past the tendy? The NHL credited shinny, a stick based game played on ice in the Cambrideshire Fens as one of the precursors to the game of Hockey. We have a dedicated group of inline hockey players.
Busway Skating
The Busway Skaters are the giants and legacy on which the Cambridge Skaters stand. Busway skating is just that, a casual stroll on the Cambridgeshire Busway!