Chapel Hill (advanced)

For those who enjoy "hill bombing", Chapel Hill is another one to add to your bucket-list :)

Located between Haslingfield and Barrington, about 7 miles south west of Cambridge.

To get to Chapel Hill, we'll skate along the Southern Busway and smooth A10 cyclepath for most of the route. (There is one section of rough surface where we take a detour to cross the M11).

This hill is shorter than Gog Magog, so some may choose to go up and down a couple times.

We'll then enjoy a drink at the local pub in Barrington before catching the train back to Cambridge from Foxton Station (10 minute journey, cost approx £4)

An essential requirement for this event is the ability to brake at speed downhill.

Lights essential as it's now getting dark earlier.

Helmet and pads recommended

Skate at your own risk!