Evening River Skate (Intermediate)

As we're slowly running out of daylight, it'd be nice to do the river route while we can still see :)

Will have to be a bit strict with leaving timely because otherwise it becomes hard to see the pathπŸŒ™

Like before, this is a scenic route along the River Cam from Jesus Green to Fen Ditton and back again ↩

⚠ There is a short nasty bit behind Tesco that we need to take a bit of care passing, but you'll be rewarded with smooth surfaces after that ❀

🌞 This is a popular walking route, so you may encounter people along the way, but we should be fine otherwise.


β›Έ Jesus Green Skate Park (bicycles can be parked at the Jesus Green Lido pool)

πŸ„ Midsummer Common

🏭 Museum Of Technology

πŸ‰ Stourbridge Common

🌿 Ditton Meadows & Fen Ditton

πŸ” Reverse route back.

🍻 End suggestion: Drinks at Fort St George. Alternatively, Othersyde at the Museum Of Technology.