Evening City Bridge Skate (advanced/upper intermediate)

Starting from Parker's Piece, a faster skate following a "River Cam eight bridges" route and finish up meeting the Intermediate group along the river.

💡Lights recommended: sunset at 18:42 💡

Starting out flat from Parker's Piece, heading firstly to Sheep's Green Bridge🌉, crossing The Fen Causeway (🌉?), passing Mill Pond (🌉?), over the weir🌉 onto Mill Lane before heading to Bridge Street🌉and up Castle Street⛰️ for a brief stop at Shire Hall🏢.

From there, cut through to Victoria Road and down to the Victoria Avenue bridge🌉, follow the river to Cutter Ferry Bridge🌉 and follow the path the other side of the river under the Elizabeth Way bridge and back over the top🌉 with a brief stop above the river.

From the roundabout follow back roads and around the back of Tesco and downhill to re-join the river to cross the Riverside Bridge🌉, briefly onto Chesterton High Street and back over the Green Dragon Bridge🌉, where we rejoin the riverside path, hopefully meet the intermediate group, and go get drinks 🍻.

Full route: